Holiday Madness!

“Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, Ringtingtingling too”

Wait, what? It’s September!

If you’ve ever worked any aspect of retail, though, you know that holiday preparations better be underway NOW, or you’re going to be swamped, real fast. Like many others, I learned the hard way, getting bogged down by more orders than I could manage (not a bad problem to have). But as a student, that also meant neglecting final exam preparation and orchestra rehearsals just to get those orders out. Not a good plan, even though I managed it in the end. Now I’ve got the added task of fitting time in to do college applications as well… Wish me luck! This time, I’ll be prepared.


   My inventory grows majestically.

A little tip to shoppers, too: Make your holiday orders now and you’ll be glad! Stocked up inventory= less processing time= happy you! It can be so stressful when you’re frantically waiting for packages to arrive last minute…

In other holiday plans, I’ve had an eye on the Lynbrook High School Holiday Craft Fair for a while now, and it would be fantastic to make my first appearance at an actual craft show! It’ll fall perfectly in place with my goals to get out there and meet some clients face to face! If anyone local (south bay area) is interested, here’s a link. Deadline for applications is Nov 1st. Seems far out but it’s just around the corner!

If you’ve got a relatively small shop like mine, we can share a spot! Let me know. I’d love to have a buddy to share the first craft fair experience with. The booth fee is pretty small and I’ve heard it’s a great atmosphere, plus we can help out some aspiring musicians! As a cellist, I totally think it’ll be worth it.

Anyways, the toughest thing is to just chill out sometimes because there’s so much you could be doing instead! Who’s got some tips and stories to share on how to manage all this madness?