Holiday Madness!

“Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, Ringtingtingling too”

Wait, what? It’s September!

If you’ve ever worked any aspect of retail, though, you know that holiday preparations better be underway NOW, or you’re going to be swamped, real fast. Like many others, I learned the hard way, getting bogged down by more orders than I could manage (not a bad problem to have). But as a student, that also meant neglecting final exam preparation and orchestra rehearsals just to get those orders out. Not a good plan, even though I managed it in the end. Now I’ve got the added task of fitting time in to do college applications as well… Wish me luck! This time, I’ll be prepared.


   My inventory grows majestically.

A little tip to shoppers, too: Make your holiday orders now and you’ll be glad! Stocked up inventory= less processing time= happy you! It can be so stressful when you’re frantically waiting for packages to arrive last minute…

In other holiday plans, I’ve had an eye on the Lynbrook High School Holiday Craft Fair for a while now, and it would be fantastic to make my first appearance at an actual craft show! It’ll fall perfectly in place with my goals to get out there and meet some clients face to face! If anyone local (south bay area) is interested, here’s a link. Deadline for applications is Nov 1st. Seems far out but it’s just around the corner!

If you’ve got a relatively small shop like mine, we can share a spot! Let me know. I’d love to have a buddy to share the first craft fair experience with. The booth fee is pretty small and I’ve heard it’s a great atmosphere, plus we can help out some aspiring musicians! As a cellist, I totally think it’ll be worth it.

Anyways, the toughest thing is to just chill out sometimes because there’s so much you could be doing instead! Who’s got some tips and stories to share on how to manage all this madness?


Customer Love!

Here are a few words for you: Unique Customer Service. What does it mean?

For me, it’s meant multiple drafts for custom orders (pictures every step of the way!), cutting down 2 weeks of processing into a night for rush orders (no additional charge!), free gift wrapping (plus a loving handmade greeting card) and most recently, welcoming a customer to my home (at 11:30PM. On a weeknight.)

photo 1

Wrapped n’ ready to go!

100% of the time, my motto is “No problem!”. You make the request, I make it happen. I think that these special requests make an otherwise bland business transaction into what makes handmade unique. If there’s one thing I want my customers to know, it’s that I’m a real person and I really, really, really love working with them. Trust me, if I was in it just for the money, I would have been long gone by now.

Back to this lovely gal I had the pleasure of doing business with! She reached out to me via etsy wanting to know what the absolute soonest I could get a scarf to her was. Now, the processing time is listed as 2 weeks (more of a cushion than anything, especially in busy months), but if people give a date they need it by, I don’t mind prioritizing their order to accommodate.

This one in particular was some serious business. With a first anniversary date only days away, she needed the gift to come quick, and unfortunately paying an additional $35 for same day delivery just wasn’t going to cut it, so I made the next best offer seeing as she was relatively local:

You’re also welcome to pick it up from my home if you’re going to be in the Cupertino area! Just a thought :).

I was super excited to meet her! Quite coincidental since I had just made a post about my new goal to strive for personal connections! We arranged to meet around 9:00 PM when she planned to be in the area, but a bit of a delay coupled with crazy Bay Area traffic brought her to my door no earlier than 11:30 PM. Though the parental unit clamored for me to get to bed, I swear it was worth it!

Protip: If you ever find yourself inviting a stranger to your house in the dead of the night, ask them for a picture for your blog!

photo 3

We’re basically best friends now.

Life is pretty fantastic.

Hello World!

Kangaroocrafts… The Blog!

My shop opened in June of 2009 and it’s been a wild ride ever since. I’ve learned a ton and realized that I absolutely love, love, love the people I’ve gotten to work with as customers and mentors. Here’s to many more great years to come!


Throwback to Day One. It felt fantastic!

Let’s get personal. The hardest part of selling and buying online is the lack of face to face interaction. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. Let’s change that! I’m planning to post all my stories here and I want to hear yours too. What do you love, hate and wish for? What can I do for you? If you like handmade, I like you! Hopefully this blog will be a great way to connect and I’m looking forward to posting at least once a week!